Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)

Isbrücker & Nijssen, 1991
Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
critical endangered
Length (total)
approx.  9 cm
Standard length (documented)
64.1 mm
Recommended tank size
60 cm
26 - 30 °C
5.5 - 7.5
rio Xingu (Altamira -> Belo Monte, Volta Grande)

Pará (BRA)



[ -3.232,-52.221 ]
Map to Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
Type of water
Clear water
Nutrition (mostly): omnivore
vegetables, pleco chips, frozen food: white and black moscito larvas
Eats plants
ggf. als Juvenile
Keeping in (small) groups is recommended. Individual keeping is possible.
Animal care
If possible, only this species in a tank

Keeping and breeding of Hypancistrus zebra
Males have wider head, females have a wider waist
from genus: Standard
Export of this especie is banned in Brazil since December 2004.
Early 2010 the Brazil government decided to implement the dam on the Rio Xingu. Thus, the natural habitat of this species is endangered.

Hypancistrus zebra and the positive list of Brazil
Not on the positive list of Brazil in 2012 : The positive list of Brazil
On the negative list of Brazil from 2020 : The negative list of Brazil
last seen on a
german stock list
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Pic. 2: Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
Pic. 3: Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
Pic. 4: Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
Pic. 5: Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
Pic. 6: Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
Pic. 7: Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
Pic. 8: Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
Pic. 9: Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
Pic. 10: Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
Pic. 11: Hypancistrus zebra (L 98)
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