Paraguay 2018 – Asunción, Chaco, Itaipú, Pilar, Valemi, Yacyretá

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Paraguay – an island with land around it

Paraguay is located in the middle of South America. With 406,752 km², the country is approx. 14% larger than the Federal Republic of Germany, but with almost 7,000,000 inhabitants, it has less than 1/10 as many inhabitants as Germany. Paraguay is essentially surrounded by Brazil and Argentina. Only the west still borders Bolivia.

We have already visited Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela – Paraguay is completely different:
It is known through the Jesuits and the Mennonites who settled (te) n in Paraguay. The story is clearly marked by the Triple Alliance War (Guerra contra la Triple Alianza, 1864-70) and the Chaco War (Guerra del Chaco, 1932-35). The country seems indescribable. It’s like an island in the middle of South America.


Alban Ehrler (alban.ehrler(at) accompanied us on the tour as guide and interpreter and Cesar Benitez (cesarbeniteztravel(at) as guide and driver. We are sure that it is largely thanks to our two guides that this tour through Paraguay became so interesting and varied for us. Many thanks.

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