Bolivia 2019 – Santa Cruz, Los Volcanes, San José, Santiago, Trinidad

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Bolivia – in the lowlands

We flew to Bolivia with great expectations. The highlight should be the next visit to the Pantanal. We really appreciated it on our first trip there. Unfortunately we had to find out quickly that a visit to the largest wetland area on earth will not be possible due to large-scale fires.

The landscape of Los Volcanos was very beautiful. Unfortunately, misinformation about the program depressed our mood there. Due to the drought, the Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco National Park was almost swept away with regard to animals.

The visits to San Miguelito and the Reina de Enin were very interesting. Compared to the planned overall program, it is unfortunately only a drop in the ocean.


Many thanks to our guide Steffen. With all the “sub-optimal” conditions, it was certainly not easy for him to save what could be saved on our tour.

Special thanks go to the very hospitable and helpful crew of the Reina de Enin.