The age of catfishes

With proper care, catfish reach an age of 20 years or more. Due to natural enemies and natural events (eg, dry season) is uncertain whether catfish in nature grow older.
With the prospect of this age you should as an aquarist always think about that you are committed to the animals for the relatively long time.


approximately 31 years:

Pterygoplichthys/Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps

Source: Claus Gering bei facebook / VDA

approximately 30 years:

Panaque nigrolineatus (L 190)

Source: Stefan 62, Americanfish

approximately 28 years

Corydoras metae

Source: Hans-Georg Evers in BSSW-Report 2/2014

approximately 27,5 years:

Ancistrus sp. “Gemeiner Antennenwels”

Source: Wolfgang Seifert in Amazonas März / April 2013

approximately 26 years:

Platydoras armatulus

Source: Stephan82, Americanfish

26 years:

Corydoras schwartzi

Source: Stephan82, Americanfish

24 years:

Corydoras delplhax

Source: Stephan82, Americanfish

approximately 23 years

Squaliforma emarginata

Source: personal message

more than 20 years:

Panaqolus cf. maccus (L 448/LDA 67)

Source: abL25, Americanfish

Hypostomus faveolus (L 37)

Source: Foxi, Americanfish

Cochliodon soniae (L137)

Source: Foxi, Americanfish

Cochliodon sp. “L 360”

Source: Foxi, Americanfish

more than 18 years:

Agamyxis pectinifrons

Quelle: madate, Americanfish

more than 17 years:

Agamyxis albomaculatus

Source: Wikipedia

more than 16 years:

Megelchis thoracatus

Source: Michelchen, Americanfish

Corydoras similis

Source: Borneoboris, Americanfish

Corydoras sp. “C 65”

Source: Hans-Georg Evers in BSSW-Report 2/2014

more than 15 years:

Hypancistrus zebra (L 46)

Source: Welscaro, Americanfish

Corydoras sp. “C 45”

Source: Hans-Georg Evers in BSSW-Report 2/2014

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