The pleco year 2017 – a German view

Hello pleco friends,

Another year has passed. It’s time for a review.


Brazil – Positive List


The list prepared at the beginning of 2012, current list is still valid. In 2016, the export of Loricariidae was further restricted following the establishment of a list according to the IUCN criteria. Some of these restrictions were incomprehensible. In 2017, I found these catfish species on German stock lists: Scobinancistrus aureatus (L 14), Peckoltia compta (L 134), Ancistomus snethlageae (L 141/L 215), Leporacanthicus joselimai (L 264). To my knowledge, these have also been legal exports.


News in the systematics


In the year 2017, there are four new genera

and we could read 27 new descriptions of Loricariidae:

The number of new descriptions corresponds approximately to that of 2016.




Particularly noteworthy offspring are certainly this year:

In the last two, there was possibly a home advantage. These was breed in Fortaleza, Brazil.


Meetings in Germany


In April we met at the Treffen der Mecklenburger Welsfreunde.


Offers of plecos in Germany


On German stocklists, in 2017 I could discover 249 species / forms. These are two species less than in 2016. So the offer by number of species remained about the same.

The trend, that the available species are listed much longer on the stock lists, in previous years obviously persists.

Of the plecos available in 2017, different species / forms have not yet been reproduced: these. Our task for 2018.


To further South American catfishes


Also new were described the genus

Rhyacoglanis, Shibatta & Vari, 2017

and the species

I wish you a successful catfish year 2018.

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A lot of plecos friends will also read this year’s annual review. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported the website of “Welsfans – Südamerikafans” with their pictures, information, tips, … .
Without all your help, this page would not have been possible. Thank you very much.

Cover photo: Pseudacanthicus sp. „Typhoon“/“LDA 105“, Photo: Ingo Seidel

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