The pleco year 2014

Hello catfish fans,


we have the end of 2014. It’s time to looking back.


Brazil – positive list


Early 2012 appeared the last positive list in Brazil. This is still valid today.


New in systematics


In 2014 the genuses

Chauliocheilos Martins, Andrade, Rosa & Langeani and
Hirtella Pereira, Zanata, Cetra & Reis

were established and 26 new pleco species was described:

Of particular interest is certainly the description of Cochliodon basilisko, which should correspond to Cochiliodon sp. “Paraguay”, alias Red Bruno.
Another focus in 2014 was the revision of the genus Spectracanthicus, because here the genus Oligancistrus was declared to a synonym of Spectracanthicus.

Compared to the previous year, in 2014 we have a lot more in the systematics of Loricariids.




The following new bred I want to highlight in this year:


Meetings in Germany


In April we met at the “Mecklenburg Catfish Friends” and in November we went to the 20th  meeting of the “Chemnitz catfish fans”.


The offer of Loricariids in Germany


On the stock lists I could discover 2014 192 species / forms. Again, that is about 14% less than last year. (Already from 2012 to 2013 was a reduction of about 25%.)
The available species seemed to stay longer on the stock lists.

Of the available Loricariids for 2014 different types / forms have not yet been increased: these. Good luck.


To the other South American catfishes


New describe were also:


I wish you a successful catfish year 2015th.