First reproduction of Scobinancistrus sp. “L 253”

Hello catfish-friends,

A few days ago Hans Weiß and Fabian Hautmann succeed the reproduction of Scobinancistrus sp. „L 253“. Congratulations!

The water values

The water values were:

pH 6,5;
KH 4;
GH 8;
Conductivity 270 µS/cm;
Temp. 30 °C.

The preparation

The male have a length from 24 cm, and the female from 26 cm.
They have about 200 fry’s.

Hans and Fabian give the parent animals three week very good food. After them the animals have 5 days diet.
They changed the water three times in a week each time to 50%.

Cover photo: Scobinancistrus sp. “L 253”, Nachzucht; Hans Weiß

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