(First?) Reproduction of Lasiancistrus heteracanthus

Hello catfish friends,

Already in the past few years there have been various first catfish breds by Sven Seidel, Welsladen Chemnitz, for example:

A few weeks ago Sven Seidel succeeded the (first?) reproduction of Lasiancistrus heteracanthus. Congratulations Sven.

Information about the first Reproduction of Lasiancistrus heteracanthus

The breeding took place in a sale aquarium, in an acuarium installation similar to this on picture 6.
Once the week Sven makes water changes with tap water.
Aquarium size 100cm x 60 cm x 35 cm = 210 L.
pH ~7, KH ~1-2, conductivity ~300 µS/cm, temp. ~28-30°C.
Group: 1 male, 1 female
In the aquarium there are many other species of plecos.
A special stimulation was not necessary.

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