(First?) Reproduction of Peckoltia sp. “Rio Nhamunda”

Hello catfish friends,

a few weeks ago my friend André Thierfelder succeeded the reproduction of Peckoltia sp. “Rio Nhamunda”. A previous breeding of this species is not known. Congratulations, André.

The group consists of five animals, 3 males and 2 females.

The aquarium has a length from 100 cm, 160 liter. Only these Peckoltia are in the aquarium, no other fishes.
The aquarium have a Hamburger Mattenfilter with air lift, caves for catfishes, plates of slate and roots. It was not used substrate.

André fed about 80% pellets (Dupla, Genzel, JBL) and 20% frozen food.

He made a rest period of 3 months.
Thereafter, he has changed the water between 70% and 90%.
The water values: temperature about 29°C, pH about 7, KH3, GH 6, conductivity 270 – 300 µS/cm.

Clutch size: 20 -30.

Cover photo: Peckoltia sp. “Rio Nhamunda”, Enrico Richter

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