(First?) Breeding of Pseudohemiodon apithanos (real)

Hello Catfish friends,

In the spring of 2016 the import of Pseudohemiodon apithanos (real) was important. Today we know that Pseudohemiodon apithanos (real) is the species from the scientific description of Pseudohemiodon apithanos. The “Pseudohemiodon [sp. aff.] apithanos“, which we hitherto known in the aquarium hobby, it must be another similar type.

View weeks ago, Tatjana Pfeiffer sent me a message, that they have offspring of Pseudohemiodon apithanos (real). Congratulations.

The adult animals live in an aquarium with a length of 150 cm. Only this species live in this tank. This aquarium has an internal and an external filter. The floor consists of a large area of sand. Only few roots decorate the tank. In addition in the tank there are leaves de beech and Terminalia catappa, alder cones.

Every 14 days Tatjana change approximately 70% of water. In addition, occasionally, she makes small changes. The KH is under 6, the conductivity is between 150 and 300 µS/cm, the temperature of water is 27 °C.

In the group there are 6 animals with a size from 20 to 25 cm.
The adults eat frozen food from Artemiafarm Rein and granules of Genzel, Söll or Sera. Occasionally, Tatjana gives also other tabs.

The small Pseudohemiodon apithanos live in a hanging box. At first they are somewhat susceptible. They eat Artemia nauplii and tabs.

Thank you from Tatjana to Gökhan Y. for the great support with the care and rearing of the small Pseudohemiodon apithanos.

Thank you for the information.

Cover photo: Pseudohemiodon apithanos (real); Tatjana Pfeiffer

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