Breeding of Hypancistrus inspector

Hello pleco friends,

The propagation of Hypancistrus inspector (L 102) has already succeeded several times. One of the successful breeders is Tajana Pfeiffer. Congratulations.

Tatjana sent me some information, under what circumstances this plecos breed in her aquariums:

Their group has 6 plecos in a size between 15 and 20 cm.
They live in an aquarium with a length of 120 cm. Only this species live in this tank.
The light of the aquarium is dull.
In the aquarium there are great caves and roots. The greatest plecos can be very territorial. Therefore the tank is good structured, so that the plecos can find hiding places.
For this aquarium Tatjana use an external filter.

These plecos are fed with frozen food of the company Artemiafarm Rein and granules of Genzel, Söll and Sera. Occasionally Tatjana gives other feeding tablets and live food.

Tatjana merge the very hard tap water with osmosis water. The value of KH is then under 6 and the conductivity between 150 and 300 µS/cm. The temperature is approximately 29°C.

The rearing works smoothly.

Thank you for the information.

Cover photo: Hypancistrus inspector (L 102); Tatjana Pfeiffer

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