DATZ July 2017 – “Catfish Press Review”

Hello catfish freaks,

I would like to present you three articles of the current edition of the:

Uwe Werner “Catfishes from Uruguay” (“Welse aus Uruguay”) Teil 1

Uwe reports about catfishes which he caught in Uruguay. For example Corydoras paleatus, Lepthoplosternum pectorale, Bunocephalus doriae, Loricariichthys anus, Ancistrus (sp. aff.?) cirrhosus, Hemiancistrus fuliginosus, Hypostomus laplatae, Hypostomus uruguayensis, Hypostomus commersonii, Otocinclus arnoldi und Hisonotus charrua(?).

So, you (I) would finally have to go to Uruguay.

Ingo Seidel “Exceptional neotropical catfishes in their habitats” (“Außergewöhnliche neotropische Welse in ihren Lebensräumen”)

Ingo writes about some catfishes from Southamerica:

  • Pterobunocephalus depressus – a catfish where the females take the eggs on their belly
  • Asterophysus batrachus – a mouth with catfish
  • Mastiglanis asopos – Ingo says that you can feet with all types of food. But at our catfishes we need frozen foot urgently.
  • Planiloricaria cryptodon – a very interesting Whiptail, which we should keep on sand
  • Rhynchodoras xingui – a very small catfish with very interesting mouth
  • Bagre bagre – from the mouth of great rivers
  • Scolophlax dolicholophia – have only 2 standard length. It’s one of the smallest catfishes from South America.

Uwe Dost “A tropical paradise in Central Europe” (“Ein tropisches Paradies in Mitteleuropa”)

In this article Uwe Dost talk about a tropical creek in Central Europe: the drain of the thermal source Villach. He tells about the history of this creek, from Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps and common Ancistrus (which he lists as Ancistrus cf. dolichopterus.

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