Hypostomus laplatae

Eigenmann, 1907
Hypostomus laplatae aus Uruguay
according to the origin Río de la Plata
Hypostomus commersonoides
Hypostomus rachovii
Hypostomus taeniatus
La Plata-Schilderwels
Plecostomus commersonoides
Plecostomus laplatae
Plecostomus rachovii
Plecostomus taeniatus
Vieja de agua ( ARG, URU )
Length (total)
approx.  55 cm
Standard length (documented)
466.0 mm
Recommended tank size
200 cm
Temperature in °C
18 - 24 °C
Río de la Plata, Laguna Cascallare (Buenos Aires)
Argentina, Uruguay
GPS (Holotype): [-34.59555,-58.36649]
Map to Hypostomus laplatae
Nutrition (mostly): omnivore
Eats plants
not known
Keeping in (small) groups is recommended. Individual keeping is possible.
from genus: males have longer fins
from genus: Standard
in Canada?
4 soft rays
I / 7 rays
very large area of ??distribution
not known
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  • Aquaristik Fachmagazin Okt./Nov. 2010 S.7
Pic. 2: Hypostomus laplatae aus Uruguay
Pic. 3: Hypostomus laplatae aus Uruguay
Pic. 4: Hypostomus laplatae aus Uruguay
Pic. 5: Hypostomus laplatae aus Uruguay
Pic. 6: Hypostomus laplatae
Pic. 7: Hypostomus laplatae
Pic. 8: Hypostomus laplatae
Pic. 9: Hypostomus laplatae
Pic. 10: Hypostomus laplatae
Pic. 11: Hypostomus laplatae
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