Aquaristik Fachmagazin December/January 2017 – “Catfish Press Review”

Hello catfish freaks,

today I want to introduce you in three articles from the current issue of Aquarium Fachmagazins:

Ingo Seidel “Chaetostoma joropo y Chaetostoma platyrhynchus” (“Chaetostoma joropo und Chaetostoma platyrhynchus”)

Ingo reports on the Chaetostoma those are imported from the Upper Rio Meta basin: Chaetostoma sp. “L 443”, Chaetostoma formosae (L 444) and Chaetostoma joropo (L 445). In addition to these also another Chaetostoma comes from the region: Chaetostoma platyrhynchus. The aqua-global company imported first time this special small species, less than 10 cm (total length).

Tatjana Pfeiffer “Pseudohemiodon apithanos ‘real’ reproduced for the first time” (“Pseudohemiodon apithanos ‘real’ erstmals nachgezogen”)

Tatjana writes about the first reproduction of Pseudohemiodon apithanos “real”. Also see here.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Herrmann “Our hobby is nature conservation” (“Unser Hobby ist Naturschutz”)

Dr. Hans-Joachim Hermann discusses the history of technical progress and the nature conservation. He shows that aquariums and terrariums are a part of the nature conservation. The end of the article leads to the Xingu River, Belo Monte. These are on the plecos of Rio Xingu that are threatened of the new dam.

Enjoy reading of Aquaristik Fachmagazins.

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