Amazonas November/December 2016 – „Catfish Press Review“

Hello catfish freaks,

today I want to introduce you in two articles from the current issue of Amazonas (November/December 2016):

Anna-Sophie Hawranek „Ancistrus sp. ‚Inambari Dwarf‘ – a new dwarf in aquaristics“

(„Ancistrus sp. ‚Inambari Dwarf‘ – ein neuer Zwerg in der Aquaristik“)

Anna-Sophie absolved a year of volunteer work in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. There she discovered some simple Ancistrus that must come from the Río Inambari basin. Even at a size of about 5 cm they have reproduced. Probably these will not be more than 6 cm, why called Ancistrus sp. „Inambari Dwarf“.

Dr. Klaus Horn und Wolfgang Dittmann „If there were to be two – Siamese twins from Corydoras trilineatus“

(„Wenn es eigentlich zwei werdens sollten – Siamesische Zwillinge bei Corydoras trilineatus“)

The authors report their experience with Corydoras trilineatus:

  • a Siamese twin,
  • the reproduction in a common tank, which has worked very well
  • the distinction between Corydoras trilineatus (worm lines on the head) vs. Corydoras julii (points on the head)

Enjoy reading of Amazonas