Aquaristik Fachmagazin December 2017 / January 2018 – “Catfish Press Review”

Hello catfish freaks,

today I would like to introduce you in two articles of the current issue of Aquaristik Fachmagazins (Dec. 2017 / Jan. 2018):

Daniel Konn-Vetterlein “Two little known plecos: Parancistrus sp. L332 and Panaqolus sp. L351” (“Zwei wenig bekannte Harnischwelse: Parancistrus sp. L332 und Panaqolus sp. L351”)

Daniel informs, an animal from Parancistrus sp. “L 332” was as bycatch in a delivery to Amazon Aquatics. Now he keeps this animal.

This specie is in acuaristics only a little known because it comes from the Rio Xingu, but widely upstream from Altamira. Some month ago, he could catch such species. The greatest animal was about 18 cm long.

Amazon Aquatics imported also Panaqolus sp. “L 351”. Here imust be clarified whether it is Panaqolus nocturnus. The same would apply to Panaqulus sp. “L 329” apply.

It is not about catfishes, but also interesting for catfish freaks:

Horst Linke “The habitats of Pterophyllum altum in the climatic cycle” (“Die Habitate von Pterophyllum altum im klimatischen Zyklus”)

Additional: Meanwhile, some municipalities in this area of the Atabapo River and Inirida River have declared caños and lagoons as their fishing grounds. There are prohibited external withdrawals. The municipalities consider this as a source of income and maintain these waters. Local people monitor the stock. The control should go far beyond that of nature reserves.

You can found the water values on the overview map for water values of South American waters.

Enjoy reading of Aquaristik Fachmagazins.

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