Amazonas January/February 2017 – “Catfish Press Review”

Hello catfish freaks,

today I want to introduce you in three articles from the current issue of Amazonas:

Hans-Georg Evers “Corydoras from Surinam” (“Corydoras aus Surinam”)

For a long time no ornamental fish were exported from Suriname. Hans writes that since 2016 they are making Corydoras exported again. The exporters prefer the sale  the fishes to Asia. Hans explains some in images, for example: Corydoras geoffroy, Corydoras filamentosus, Corydoras sipaliwini, Corydoras sp. “CW 114”, Corydoras wotroi, Corydoras bicolor, Corydoras guianensis, Corydoras sanchesi, Corydoras sp. “CW 15”, Corydoras heteromorphus, Corydoras saramaccensis, Corydoras oxyrhynchus.
Let us hope that imports will go to Europe again, not only Corydoras, but also for example Plecos (only) from Suriname.

Hans-Georg Evers “Finally!” (“Endlich!”)

Hans informs about the description of Pseudacanthicus pirarara, which we so far known as Pseudacanthicus sp. “L 25”.

Hans-Georg Evers “Panaqolus tankei”

Hans mentions the description of Panaqolus tankei, that wie also known as Panaqolus sp. “L 398”.

Enjoy reading of Amazonas

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