DATZ 09/2016 – Catfish press review

Hello catfish freaks,

today I want to introduce you in two articles from the current issue of DATZ:

Rainer Stawikowski „The Rio Atabapo flows in Ostwestfalen“ (“Der Atabapo fließt in Ostwestfalen”)

Rainer reports about the tank in the living room from Harald Kahden. That’s size is approximately 2 m³. This tank modeled a habitat from Río Atabapo. A focus are the Pterophyllum from Río Atabapo ( – at least their parents). In addition to these there are Biotodoma cupido, are each a larger swarm of Hemigrammus bleheri and Corydoras duplicareus, as well as plecos: Sturisoma festivum (Sturisomatichthys festivus),Pseudacanthicus cf. leopardus (L 114), Zonancistrus brachyurus (L 168 ) and L 200 (Hemiancistrus subviridis or Baryancistrus demantoides).
A great tank!


Andreas Tanke „In aquarium hobby new plecos de Brazil“ (“Aquaristisch neue Harnischwelse aus Brasilien”)

The author informs about the catch of an Ancistomus from Rio Sucunduri. Unfortunately, there is a single animal. This species get the L-number L487, also Ancistomus sp. “L 487”.
In addition a new form of Panaque armbrusteri was catched. This was the first time for fishing a Panaque in the Rio Madeira. Now this Panaque have now the L-number “L 488”, also Panaque sp. “L488”.

Enjoy reading of DATZ

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