Aquaristik Fachmagazin February/ March 2017 – “Catfish Press Review”

Hello catfish freaks,

I would like to present you three articles of the current edition of the Aquaristik Fachmagazin:

Ingo Seidel „Breeding of Corydoras – Selection and accommodation of breeding animals“ („Panzerwelszucht – Auswahl und Unterbringung der Zuchttiere“)

Ingo writes in particular about purchase of breeding animals, the secondary sex characteristics, acclimatization, possible diseases, the breeding tank and the optimal age of breeding animals. He terms of the advantages and disadvantages of wild animals versus offspring.
For example Ingo notes that a female Corydoras without barbels or without pelvic fins cannot reproduce.

Ingo sees the optimal age for breeding between sexual maturity and 5 years. Corydoras hastatus can breed after a few months, other greater Corydoras species can only breed later.

Erik Schiller „Breeding of Corydoras – practical requirements“ („Panzerwelszucht – praktische Voraussetzungen“)

Erik gives tips for keeping and breeding approach of different Corydoras species. About the year he keeps different Corydoras species, which are derived from regions with the same rain and dry time, together in a tank. This makes it easier to display these times for each species. If it is time to brood then Erik puts a selection of breeding animals in a breeding tank. There he can stimulate them specifically.

Erik distinguishes three groups: rhythm spawners (for example Corydoras adolfoi, Corydoras bondi), once spawners (for example Corydoras nijsseni, Corydoras undulatus) and twilight spawners (for example Corydoras adolfoi, Corydoras burgessi, Corydoras concolor). The group of twilight spawners is not disjunct with both other groups.

„Breeding experiences with Corydoras“ („Zuchterfahrungen mit Panzerwelsen“)

In this article Erik reports about his experiences with the reproduction of various Corydoras.

Enjoy reading of Aquaristik Fachmagazins.

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