Amazonas July/August 2018 – “Catfish Press Review”

Hello catfish freaks,

today I would like to introduce you in two articles of the current issue of Amazonas:

Haakon Haagensen “Micracanthicus vandragti”

Haakon informs about the history of Micracanthicus vandragti: The first presentation in the DATZ 2000/4, the first description by Lujan & Armbruster 2011, the questionable transfer of this species into the genus Hypancistrus by Lujan in the year 2016 and the first imports to Europe in 2018.

Micracanthicus vandragti comes from the Río Ventuari near its mouth in the Rio Orinoco. Various other plecos come from this area. Adult Micracanthicus vandragti are barely larger than 5 cm. Therefore Haakon thinks that the species was not caught there before for the aquaristic, because the ornamental fish catcher these probably regarded as young Hypancistrus sp. „L 201“ or young Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias „L 240“ resp. young Leporacanthicus  sp. „L 241“.

Micracanthicus vandragti could already be bred.


Haakon Haagensen “Hemiloricaria sp. ‘Puerto Ayacucho'”

Haakon writes Hemiloricaria sp. „Puerto Ayacucho“ was in a delivery from Brazil. This would greatly increase the distribution area of the species. Since this is incompatible with the previous name, he suggests naming this species as Hemiloricaria sp. “Pepper”. In the Catfish Atlas Vol. 1, there Evers and Seidel gave them German name Peffer-Hexenwels.

It is really the same species. I am not so sure about that. The black water rivers in the region can be an effective dissemination barrier for clear water inhabitants.


Enjoy reading of Amazonas.

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