Peckoltia vittata

Steindachner, 1881

(Type species)
Peckoltia vittata - Type
vittatus (lat.) - with ribbons
Chaetostomus vittatus
Peckoltichthys kuhlmanni
Length (total)
approx.  14 cm
Standard length (documented)
113.0 mm
Recommended tank size
80 cm
26 - 30 °C

Pará, Amazonas



˜[ -0.616,-50.804 ]
Map to Peckoltia vittata
Type of water
Clear water
Nutrition (mostly): omnivore
Eats plants
not known
Keeping in (small) groups is recommended. Individual keeping is possible.
from genus: Odontodes on the back body, caudal peduncle and caudal upper rays
from genus: Standard
Catfish Atlas 2
I / 4 rays
14 soft rays
slightly incised / concave, pointed
little longer at the bottom than at the top
II / 7 rays
6 soft rays
5 soft rays
The sintypes of Steindachner originate from areas that are up to 600 km apart. In genetic studies these are different. There will therefore be different types.
Not on the positive list of Brazil in 2012 : The positive list of Brazil
Not on the negative list of Brazil from 2020 : The negative list of Brazil
last seen on a
german stock list
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Pic. 2: Peckoltia vittata - Type
Pic. 3: Peckoltia vittata - Kopf
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