DATZ June 2017 – “Catfish press review”

Hello catfish freaks,

I would like to present you four articles of the current edition of the DATZ 6/2017:

Frank Schäfer “Extraordinarily beautiful L 129” (“Außerordentlich schöne L 129”)

Frank reports that the Company Aquarium Glaser imports Hypancistrus debilittera new. These species should be very contrasting compared with previous imports. The reason is not known to him.

Frank Schäfer “Corydoras – new described species in 2016/2017” (“Corydoras – neu beschriebene Arten 2016/2017”)

Frank writes that 8 Corydoras species were described in 2016 and another in 2017. Especially he presents Corydoras brittoi, Corydoras costai, Corydoras froehlichi, Corydoras hephaestus, Corydoras pavanelliae und Corydoras zawadzkii.

Peter und Martin Hoffmann “Stanley H. Weitzmann”

In February of 2017 Stanley Howard Weitzman died. Peter and Martin Hoffmann tell about their collaboration with him. They write that Mr. Weitzman was happy because the after him called Corydoras, Corydoras weitzmani found the way in the aquaristic.

Enjoy reading of DATZ

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