Aquaristik Fachmagazin June/July 2015 – Catfish Press Review

Hello catfish freaks,

The catfish press review for the actual edition of the revista Aquaristik Fachmagazin is relatively short, it is limited to only one article.

Ingo Seidel “Es gibt wieder Corydoras burgessi” (“There again Corydoras burgessi ”)

Ingo reports about the import of Corydoras burgessi by aqua-global: ordered and not delivered or the wrong species. Finally, became the right fishes from Brazil. Interestingly, aqua-globlal received as by-catch also a form with a long snout: Corydoras crypticus.

Of particular interest is certainly the preview of the next issue – the holiday issue is probably significantly catfish friendly – Cover Story “Lip Brooding Loricariids”. So it is in particular a part of the Loricariinae.