DATZ August 2017 – “Catfish Press Review”

Hello catfish freaks,

I would like to present you two articles of the current edition of the DATZ. Both articles are serials of articles from the last edition of magazine DATZ:

Uwe Werner “Catfishes from Uruguay” Part II (“Welse aus Uruguay” Teil 2)

In the first part there Uwe wrote about Loricariidae from Uruguay. Now Uwe writes about other catfish families from there: Heptapteridae, Pimelodidae, Pseudopimelodidae, Doradidae, Auchenipteridae and Trichomycteridae.

Almost throughout the country, in fast-flowing watercourses there they caught Heptapterus mustelinus. They found also Rhamdia quelen. This species lives in throughout the Americas. After some habituation these also eat the human from the hand.

Other captured Heptapteridae were Pimelodella australis and Pimelodella laticeps.

From the Pimelodidae they caught Pimelodus maculatus and from the family Pseudopimelodidae Microglanis cottoides.

They also caught Rhinodoras dorbignyi and an undescribed specie of Trachelyopterus.

Uwe Dost “A tropical paradise in Central Europe” Part II (“Ein tropisches Paradies in Mitteleuropa” Teil 2)


Uwe Dost gives more information about the drain of the thermal bath in Carinthia. He reports about his visits on this creek and the development of this creek.
Enjoy reading of magazine DATZ.

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