aquaristik 4/2017 – “Catfish press review”

Hello Catfish freaks,

this times we get an issue of the magazine “aquaristik” with a lot of articles about catfishes:

Wolfgang Steak “The river of catfishes” (“Der Fluss der Harnischwelse”)

Wolfgang Steak Wolfgang Steak gives an short introduction for catfishes and write about which species are capture in the Río Ventuari and are export to Europe:

Ingo Seidel “Small ground dwellers” (“Kleine Bodenbewohner”)

Ingo gives an overview about small catfishes:

Daniel Konn-Vetterlein “Black water catfishes” (“Schwarzwasser Welse”)

Daniel writes about catfishes from the tributaries of Rio Negro in Brazil. For example: Ancistrus dolichopterus (L 183), Hypancistrus inspector (L 102), Peckoltia cf. braueri (L 135), Hypancistrus cf. margaritatus (L 136) and Pseudacanthicus cf. leopardus (L 114).

In addition, the only few months ago discovered Hypancistrus sp. “L 499” and Hypancistrus sp. “L 500”.

He mentions on the margins the Río Atabapo and Río Inirida with Hypancistrus cf. debilitera (L 454) and Hypancistrus cf. debilitera “Río Inirida”.

More interesting is the list of Corydoras: Corydoras parallelus, Corydoras crypticus, Corydoras serratus and Corydoras sp. “CW 35”..

Andreas Tanke “Offspring in the lower house” (“Nachwuchs im Unterhaus”)

This article is about the keeping and reproduction of Ancistrus, especially about the reproduction of Ancistrus sp. “L 159”. The author simulates a dry season: only few small water changes, normal feeding, water temperature 30°C. After them he simulates a raining season: great water changes (80% of the tank) with cold water (25°C) several times a day, final blow, strong feeding. Water values: GH 3, KH 1, conductivity ca. 150 µS/cm, pH ~6.

(In the Catfish Atlas 2 Ingo Seidel wrote about the reproduction of these species: pH 7,5, Conductivity 480 µS/cm, Temp. 28°C.)

Redaktion aquaristik “Flat on the sand floor” (“Flach auf dem Sandboden”)

In this article we can read about the first description of Aphanotorulus/Squaliforma rubrocauda by Oliveira, Rapp Py-Daniel & Zawadzki: A new species of Aphanotorulus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from the rio Aripuanã basin, Brazil.

Redaktion aquaristik “Silent memory” (“Schweigende Erinnerung”

Here is write about the first description of Aspidoras kiriri by Oliveira, Zanata, Tencatt & Britti: A new species of Aspidoras (Siluriformes: Callichthyidae) from a small coastal drainage in northeastern Brazil.

In particular, they chose the name kiriri, because it means silently in the language of Tupi. And the Indian tribe Tupi was displaced from his home Bahia.

For some articles, I would have wished that more profound information might be contained.
Have fun reading the magazine aquaristik.

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