DATZ 11/2015 – Catfish Press Review

Hello catfish freaks,

today I want to introduce you in two articles from the current issue of DATZ:

Wolfgang Staeck "Der Río Atabapo – ein gefährdetes Paradies im Orinoco-Becken" (1)

(“The Río Atabapo – en endangered paradise in the Orinoco basin”)

Wolfgang Steack reports on the very interesting black water river Río Atabapo. The Río Atabapo is a part of the border between Colombia and Venezuela. Wolfgang presents the fish fauna from this river. This fish fauna is very extensive. This includes the very famous Zonancistrus cf. brachyurus (L 52).
It’s very interesting. I´m looking forward to the second part.

Andreas Tanke "Neue Harnischwelse aus Brasilien"

(„New Plecos from Brazil“)

Andreas Tanke presents a few new plecos from Brazil. Now they receive L-numbers:

Enjoy reading of DATZ.