Amazonas May/June 2018 – “Catfish Press Review”

Hello catfish freaks,

today I would like to introduce you in an article of the current issue of Amazonas:

Hans-Georg Evers “Sturisoma likes – and learned something again” (“Störwelsiges – und wieder etwas dazu gelernt”)

A substantial part of the article refers to the first description of Sturisoma graffini in „A new species of Sturisoma (Loricariidae: Loricariinae) from the Madre de Dios River basin, Peru, with a key to all congeners and comments on the type series of Sturisoma rostratum„ by Alejandro Londoño-Burbano. As Hans writes, Sturisoma graffini is widespread to the Amazon basin.

Another focus is the change of genus classifications already mentioned elsewhere Sturisoma (cisandin = east of the Andes) vs. Sturisomatichthys (transandin = west of the Andes.

This is especially true for the known Sturisomatichthys festivus and Sturisomatichthys aureus. Genetic examinations are the bases for this. As Hans says, he considers this division to make sense. However, this is hard for him in the real Sturisomatichthys panamensis.

Enjoy reading of Amazonas.

The distribution of Sturisomatichthys and Sturisoma

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