Pimelodus ortmanni

Haseman, 1911
Laateral view of Pimelodus ortmanni, 265 mm SL, rio Iguaçu
dedicated Dr. A.E. Ortmann
pintado grosso
Length (total)
approx.  35 cm
Standard length (documented)
290.0 mm
Recommended tank size
200 cm
0.622 kg
18 - 25 °C
Rio Iguaçú = rio Iguazú

Paraná, Santa Catarina

Argentina, Brazil

Río Paraná ➙ río de la Plata

Map to Pimelodus ortmanni
Eats plants
not known
Keeping in groups is necessary.
I - IV / 8 - 10 rays
7 + 8 soft rays
greatly incised / concave, pointed
little longer at the bottom than at the top
II / 6 (- 7) rays
8 - 10 soft rays
5 soft rays
Sympatric with
Not on the positive list of Brazil in 2012 : The positive list of Brazil
On the negative list of Brazil from 2020 : The negative list of Brazil
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Pic. 2: Laateral view of Pimelodus ortmanni, 265 mm SL, rio Iguaçu
Pic. 3: Pimelodus ortmanni
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