Loricaria luciae

Thomas, Rodriguez, Cavallaro, Froehlich & Castro, 2013
Loricaria luciae
dedicated Dr. Lúcia H. Rapp Py-Daniel
Length (total)
approx.  23 cm
Standard length (documented)
189.0 mm
Recommended tank size
150 cm
22 - 27 °C
6.0 - 8.0
Río Paraguay-, mittlerer río Paraná-Einzug, río Tucavaca, robeorão Baús, rio Jaurú, rio Formoso, corrego Jenipapo, rio Aquidaban

Corrientes, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Paragiarí, Amambay, Concepcíon, Santa Cruz, Central

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay

rio Paraguai = río Paraguay ➙ río Paraná ➙ río de la Plata

Map to Loricaria luciae
(Prefered) River depth
0.30 - 1.50 m
Type of water
Clear water, Black water
sand, mud
Nutrition (mostly): omnivore
Eats plants
not known
Keeping in (small) groups is recommended. Individual keeping is possible.
lip breeder
from genus: yes
Not on the positive list of Brazil in 2012 : The positive list of Brazil
Not on the negative list of Brazil from 2020 : The negative list of Brazil
Pic. 2: Loricaria luciae
Pic. 3: Loricaria luciae
Pic. 4: Loricaria luciae
Pic. 5: Loricaria luciae
Pic. 6: Loricaria luciae
Pic. 7: Loricaria luciae
Pic. 8: Loricaria luciae
Pic. 9: Loricaria luciae
Pic. 10: Loricaria luciae
Pic. 11: Loricaria luciae
Pic. 12: Loricaria luciae
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