Limatulichthys griseus

Regan, 1904

(Type species)
Limatulichthys griseus
griseo (lat.) - gray
Loricaria griseus
has Loricaria punctata
has Loricariichthys parnahybae
has Rhineloricaria petleyi
Limatulichthys petleyi
Loricaria grisea
Loricaria parnahybae
Loricaria petleyi
Loricariichthys griseus
Loricariichthys punctatus
Pseudoloricaria punctata
Length (total)
approx.  24 cm
Recommended tank size
150 cm
26 - 29 °C

Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela

rio Negro ⇒ Amazonas | Essequibo River ⇒ Atlantic NE ↓ río Orinoco → Caribic ↓
Map to Limatulichthys griseus
Nutrition (mostly): omnivore
Eats plants
not known
Keeping in (small) groups is recommended. Individual keeping is possible.
from genus: males: larger lower lip, teeth with round tips; females: teeth with small tips
lip breeder
from genus: yes ?
spacious aquarium required because of escape behavior
Not on the positive list of Brazil in 2012 : The positive list of Brazil
Not on the negative list of Brazil from 2020 : The negative list of Brazil
last seen on a
german stock list
  • H.-G. Evers / I. Seidel "Welsatlas 1"  edition: 1 P.602 - 603
Pic. 2: Limatulichthys griseus
Pic. 3: Limatulichthys griseus
Pic. 4: Limatulichthys griseus
Pic. 5: Holotype von Limatulichthys griseus
Pic. 6: Holotype von Limatulichthys griseus
Pic. 7: Holotype von Limatulichthys griseus
Pic. 8: Limatulichthys griseus
Pic. 9: Limatulichthys griseus
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