The pleco year 2020 – a German view

Hello pleco friends,

The year 2020 has passed. It’s time for a review.

Brazil – Positive list – Negative list

The export of fish from Brazil has been reorganized. The positive list from 2012 was replaced by a negative list based on the “Livro Vermelho – da Fauna Brasileira Ameaçada de Extinção“. This is very good news for the aquarium hobby. On the other hand, there are available only sufficiently datas for about 15% of the described catfish species. I.e. approx. 85% of the described catfish species are now allowed to be caught and exported without sufficient investigation into their population and distribution.

News in the systematics

In the year 2020, we could read 12 new descriptions of Loricariidae:



Karte Wasserwerte Südamerika