Amazonas September/October 2015 – Catfish Press Review

Hello catfish freaks,

… today I want to introduce you in five articles from the current issue of Amazonas (September/October 2015):

Thomas Weidner "L24 wissenschaftlich beschrieben"

(„L24 scientifically described“)

Thomas Weidner informs about the scientifically descrition of Pseudacanthicus pitanga, previously known as Pseudacanthicus sp. “L 24”.

Ernst-Otto von Drachenfels "Im Lebensraum von Corydoras geoffroy Lacépède, 1803"

(„In habitat of Corydoras geoffroy Lacépède, 1803“)

The author writes about the type species of Corydoras, Corydoras geoffroy. At first Ernst Otto von Drachenfels tells the „literary history“ of this species and describes the differences to Corydoras punctatus. In spring of 2015, on an excursion from Aqua-Media-TV this species was caught in French Guyana. Particularly striking was the sexual dimorphism. It was observed that Corydoras geoffroy is diurnal, spawns in streams on wood at a temperature of 24°C, a PH value of 5.5 and a conductivity of 10µS/cm.

Hans-Georg Evers "Corydoras sp. ‘CW 04’"

Hans regrets that special fine specimens of Corydoras – here Corydoras sp. “CW 04” – come as individual animals in Asian collections. It would be better if experienced breeders get these species.

Erik Schiller "Driftwood catfish – über die Pflege und Nachzucht des Trugdornwelses Tatia dunni"

(„Driftwood catfish – about the care and breeding of driftwood catfish Tatia dunni“)

Erik reports on the breeding of Tatia dunni. He fed living white mosquito larvaes for a long time. The breeding was relatively easy with powdered food and artemia. The scrims have a size from 150 to 200 eggs.

Hans-Georg Evers "Die Süßwasserrochen Südamerikas"

(“The freshwater stingrays of South America”)

This is a very interesting article about the freshwater stingrays. It´s for the pleco press review of interest because the mention of Pseudacanthicus sp. "L 25"

Enjoy reading of Amazonas

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