Amazonas März/April 2016 – „Catfish Press Review“

Hello catfish freaks,

today I want to introduce you in three articles from the current issue of Amazonas

Rajanta Sinardja Rahardja “Breeding succeeded: Scobinancistrus sp. ‘L 368′”

Rajanta (Belenz Fishfarm) reported the first successful breeding of Scobinancistrus sp. “L 368”. He has a group with 5 plecos (2 males / 3 females). He maintained these 5 years before they bred. The water values were temperature 29-30°C, pH ~8.5, GH ~5. He changed the water every time after 14 days to 30%. As food he gave bloodworms, quality pellets with low protein content, sometimes clam meat.

Andreas Tanke “News from Brazil”

Andreas Tanke and Jens Gottwald wrote about some species from Brazil, which the company Panta Rhei imported in the last time. From especially interests there is Hypancistrus sp. “L 297”, Peckoltia sp. “L 211/L 295”, Corydoras sp. “CW86” and Corydoras sp. “Teles Pires”.

Hans-Georg Evers “The hammer”

Hans informed from so called Corydoras sp. “Bonita”. In 2015 some species of this were imported to Japan.
Mark Sabaj Perez assigned this name in an article to the PIPE-expedition 2009 in the Serra do Cachimbo. The males of Corydoras sp. “Bonita” have a very high dorsal fin. Males and females are black-white striped like a zebra. The species have also the number CW 111.

For these species in Japan the origin should be the Rio Curúa, a tributary of Rio Xingú. But the specie from the PIPE-expedition is from the basin de Rio Tapajós. However, it would not be the first time that the origin of specially animals was incorrectly specified for selfish reasons.

Enjoy reading of Amazonas

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