The pleco year 2019 – a German view

Hello pleco friends,

The year 2019 has passed. It’s time for a review.

Brazil – Positive list

The list prepared at the beginning of 2012, current list is valid.

News in the systematics

In the year 2019, there is one new genera

and we could read 21 new descriptions of Loricariidae:

The number of new descriptions corresponds approximately to the years before.

Offers of plecos in Germany

On German stocklists, in 2018 I could discover 233 species / forms. That is a little less than in 2018. However, the supply by number of species has remained quite constant over the past few years. Obviously, some species still seem to have a permanent place in the long term.

Of the plecos available in 2019, different species / forms have not yet been reproduced: these. Our task for 2020.

About other South American catfishes

Also new were described are
the tribes

and the subtribe

as well as the following species:


I consider the most interesting offspring that of

Although this took place for the first time in 2018, it only became known this year.

Meetings in Germany

In April we met at the Treffen der Mecklenburger Welsfreunde statt.

I wish you a successful catfish year 2020.

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A lot of plecos friends will also read this year’s annual review. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported the website of “Welsfans – Südamerikafans” with their pictures, information, tips, … .
Without all your help, this page would not have been possible. Thank you very much.



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