Rhizosomichthys totae

Miles, 1942

(Type species)
Pygidium totae = Rhizosomichthys totae, dorsal
according to the origin Lago de Tota
Pygidium totae
Trichomycterus totae
critical endangered
Length (total)
approx.  15 cm
Standard length (documented)
120.0 mm
Recommended tank size
100 cm
Lago de Tota (Boyacá) (endemic)
GPS (Holotype): [5.54461,-72.92833]
Map to Rhizosomichthys totae
High above sea level
~3020 m
Eats plants
not known
iv - v / 5 - 6 rays
13 soft rays
7 - 9 soft rays
8 soft rays
i / 4 rays
not known
  • Fernández, L. & Bichuette, M.E., 2002 "A new cave dwelling species of Ituglanis from the São Domingos karst, central Brazil (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae)" (Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters) P. 278
  • Reis, R.E., Kullander, S.O. & Ferraris, C.J. et.al., 2003 "Check List of the Freshwater Fishes of South and Central America" P. 278
Pic. 2: Pygidium totae = Rhizosomichthys totae, dorsal
Pic. 3: Pygidium totae = Rhizosomichthys totae, ventral
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