Quiz about catfishes

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Pseudorinelepis cf. genibarbis "L 95"
Peckoltia sp. "Rio Negro II"
Leporacanthicus triactis (L 91)
Squaliforma cf. emarginata "L 153"
Megalancistrus parananus (L 113)
Peckoltia sp. "L 49"
Hypostomus robinii
Chaetostoma sp. "L 455"
Ancistrus sp. "L 507"
Megalancistrus parananus (L 113)
Ancistomus snethlageae (L 141)
Otothyropsis dialeukos
Parotocinclus spilosoma
Cochliodon sp. "L 360"
Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias "L 240"
Pseudohemiodon platycephalus
Panaqolus sp. "L 403"
Liposarcus anisitsi
Ancistrus sp. "L 511"
Hypostomus sp. "L 266"
Rhinotocinclus jumaorum
Pseudacanthicus sp. "LDA 105"
Peckoltia sp. "L 265" / "LDA 84"
Ancistrus mullerae
Dolichancistrus sp. "Rio Arauca"
Ancistrus sp. "Rio Abuná"
Hemiloricaria melini
Hypostomus latifrons (L 51)
Rineloricaria aequalicuspis
Panaqolus sp. "L 403"
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