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… is a homepage for fans of catfishes and South America.

Especialy our plecos come from South America. In the countries of South America there are restrictions for export of ornamental fishes. The best known expample is Hypancistrus zebra. These fishes may not be exported from Brazil for more than 10 years, although the existence of the species is extremely endangered to the construction of the dam near Belo Monte.
Meanwhile, we have also export restrictions for other ornamental fishes..

Many information about catfishes (especialy Loricariidae) you will find in the database, of course, lists with the well-known L-numbers and LDA-numbers. For training the determination of Loricariidae there is a little quiz integrated. Information about the water values of the home habitats are added to the database, and partly in the water values map of South America.

When dealing intensively with plecos, the way leads inevitably to South America. Once there, one can not get rid of this enchanting continent, and not only because of the plecos.

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